This is the server DISK, which lets you share and access your data from anywhere in the network. DISK keeps your data safe and regularly backups it. DISK lets you create collaborative spaces with other users of the university.

All spaces can be accessed through this Web interface, by mounting them as a Windows network drive or as a MacIntosh AppleShare unit or by using an FTP client.

Spaces can be of different types. You can create a website to publish your documents in the network; or a "disk" space that is like a virtual disk, accessible only to you solely using your username and password.

All spaces of the groups to which you belong appear as subspaces of your personal space and you can access all of them for reading or writing (if you are authorized) putting down your username and password only once.

If you are the administrator of a group, you can give add or remove three different types of users in your group: editors (who can read and write), readers (who can only read) and Webauts (which may modify the Website of the group).

segnalar Remember: if you need a group space, you can apply for it at the CAU